Noble M700 GTT

My Noble has gone through many iterations in the 10 years I have owned it… initially it was my company car and I did tens of thousands of miles traveling around UK and Europe during my business… I then retired it to my ‘Toy’ and bought an M5 to replace it (this M5 donated the engine to the Capri GTT).

I then proceeded to modify the Noble extensively… initially I went the tried and tested top spec mountune engine and package, I hated it and it blew up after only 700 mild miles. To say i was disappointed with it was an understatement I felt it was was laggy, poor throttle response and difficult to control under power (Ive since driven other nobles of same spec which felt the same so it wasn’t just my particular build).

So I then designed my own package for a single turbo (around 7 years ago) which was simply awesome and i have been steadily pushing the boundaries further and further ever since.

Currently I am developing a carbon plenum with ITB’s for the engine.. initial dyno testing is very positive.

M700 is a nod towards the original noble M400 which was supposed to be 400bhp per tonne… I run over 700bhp and it weighs 1000kgs with half tank of fuel (much lighter than standard partly due to the carbon bodywork I made for it).

I have M800GTT number plate on retention, read into that what you will 😉

I designed and fabricated a front anti roll bar, my design utilises a blade each side of the car for maximum adjustability, I strengthened the area around the ARB mounts and welded a cross bar in along with welding on the mounts themselves. Have probably gone a little OTT with the strengthening but thats a better option than it being marginal.

Additionally to simplify the mapping of the ITB’s I decided to change the braking system to remove the servo assistance, to that end I designed an all new braking system for the car incorporating my Logo… I also decided the remake all the pedals and actually recess the throttle pedal behind the brake to make downshift blips much easier.

To the same end I also removed the power assisted rack and instead fitted a completely different annual unit, steering is actually lighter than I expected and the weight and complexity saving is significant.

Next step is to get the engine refreshed and fit the new Syvec S8 unit I have bought to replace the Motec M800 I have been running, I am also planning a change in turbo as mine was past its sell by date.