The Engine needed to sound good… my other GTT project used a ford V6 which I have managed to tease well over 700bhp from, its an incredible engine and would be perfect for the Capri if it wasn’t for one ¬†important aspect…. It doesn’t ‘sound’ awesome or exotic.

Of cause I could go the V8 route as they can sound fantastic, but thats been done before many times and dare I say its too common… I wanted even more, more sound, more exotic (more money, damn).

So I decided to use a BMW V10… it wasn’t an accidental decision as I already had two BMW M5’s with the V10 in them so I already absolutely loved the sound… one of these has donated its engine to the Capri GTT.

Flood damage caused by a local garage not bothering to install the fuse board cover when they worked on the car led to this loverly car becoming the engine donor for my Capri GTT.


When I placed the engine beside the stock capri it looked like it could never fit… I had however already done the measurements so I knew it would fit… I did have bonnet clearance issues which is the reason I needed the engine in to set the exact stance of the car the making the bodywork.

Proof it fits like a glove… this is complete will all auxileries, manifolds, exhaust, loom etc etc