This is the car that started my ‘GTT’ name.

Following building an Ultima Canam in 2001 I needed a project after it was sold, but what do you follow an Ultima with?

Well I decided to design and build a car from scratch… enter the GTT.

I am regularly asked why I am not building my own design of car rather than messing around modifying a Noble and building what some people see as a replica of a ford Capri… well the simple truth is I am already building my own design of car, Im just doing so in a very slow timeframe.

Fact is I fell out of love with the GTT around 8 years ago and stopped working on it, more significantly I remarried and my wife loves the Capri shape and always wanted a yellow one when she was younger but never ended up having one…. My Wife is EXTREMELY supportive of my hobby and even comes out and helps me make parts, this makes the Capri GTT even more enjoyable.