Having rebuilt my previous car and draped it in a full lacquered carbon bodywork that I made myself there was only one option for the Capri GTT… Carbon body.

I sourced a very solid (magazine featured) 2.0S Capri and a full fibresport X pack kit… this was only a base for my own ‘Take’ on the Capri. I wanted the car to retain its classic lines but look modern, that means subtle clean lines, larger wheels, tight shut lines and some proper aero (because this thing will do 200mph).

To this end I have widened the X pack arches 50mm each side, raised the wheels in relation to the body, smoothed around all the windows and put around 20 litres of filler on the car to get it to a shape that in my eyes looks like it hasn’t changed at all 🙂

Moulds of the monocoque are complete so I finally started making the carbon panels, complete drivers side weighs 5.5kgs and is stiffer than the steel it replaced 🙂


Started making the moulds





The ‘donor’ Capri has extensive modifications to the body, I spent significant time making these modifications look like nothing had changed :)… in essence I want the car to look like it left the factory that way.