The car will have double wishbones front and rear with custom uprights, the design of the upright is such that I will use the same upright on all 4 corners just machined slightly different for the pickup point differences front to rear.

The final design actually ended up going through few iterations, initially I had decided to run the same wheels and tyres as my noble so i could have some parity between the cars and wouldn’t need lots of ‘spare’ track day wheels for each car… However after fabricating these and actually buying a new set of Noble wheels I came to a decision that this was a bad idea for a clean sheet design as it would really limit my wheel choice in the future and some of the component needed to be machined to fit making spares not off the shelf.

To that end I switched to using BMW hubs and wheels, I now have off the shelf wheel choice along with off the shelf hubs and bearings. Of cause i had to rebut some components and tweak the geometry design on the upright to suit, but it was worth the effort.

I also took the opportunity to move up to a 19 inch wheel size and 10inch fronts as well as rears… previously i was only using 9inch fronts limiting the width of tyre I could use on the front.

Below we see the ‘original’ ford hubs package I did, this later changed to BMW Hubs.

GTT Capri front upright assembly
GTT Capri front hub, wishbones and Calliper
GTT front calliper, used on the noble and the GTT Capri
GTT CAPRI front wishbones and calliper
GTT Capri Front wishbones